About the blogger:

John Bayer graduated from Seminole High School (Go Warhawks!) in 1978.

He has variously been a vocational teacher, a writer, an office toiler, a video store manager,  and served in the Navy or Navy Reserve for 37 years.

Mr. Bayer is the author of freelance articles in various publications, and his first book was a WWII pilot’s memoirs, Alone and Unarmed: An Army Pilot Sharing the Skies with Artillery Fire in WWII Italy, by the late Ernest E. Kowalik, which he edited, designed and published (Glenn Curtiss Press, 2004; 3rd edition – CreateSpace, 2017).  It is available at Amazon.com.

John recently completed his MA in Liberal Studies from The State University of New York, where his creative-option thesis was a screenplay of the life of 1920’s racing driver, Frank S. Lockhart, who was the first Rookie to win the Indy 500, and is entitled, Destiny at Daytona:  The Frank Lockhart Story.

Please direct inquiries to John at historysalive-JB (at) yahoo.com.

He welcomes mail from old friends and acquaintances.

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